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The surgery has a clinical system (EMIS Web) that, through a website, allows patients to easily and quickly view some of their electronic medical information held about them by their GP Practice.

The information is easy to navigate and has links to other resources such as patient information leaflets about diseases, tests, investigations, support groups and medications.

Registering to see your medical record online

Before you are able to view your records online, you must be registered with EMIS Patient Access, which allows you to book an appointment, etc. online.  Please ask at Reception for details of how to register.

  • You will need to be connected to the Internet and have a PC with a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
  • You will need to complete and sign a consent form before you start using the system.
  • Bring your consent form and 2 forms of ID, one must be a form of photo ID and the second a letter bearing your name and address dated in the last 3 months.

(You may already have submitted proof of your identity for online booking of appointments. However, for security purposes, the Receptionist will need to check this again).

Please note that in order to verify identity, patients applying to view their records must bring in their documents personally.

Patient Information Leaflet 

AppLIcation for online access to my medical record


The system is safe if you keep your password secure. Don’t leave your passwords where they can be found. Don’t use obvious ones such as names, birthdays or anniversaries etc.

We also ask that patients register for the service using a personal email address and not a shared email address as this can cause issues around security.

Remember: If  you  leave  passwords  lying  around  then  they  are  not  secure. Keep passwords secure.

FAQs about Medical Record Access

What can I see on the Patient Access Medical Record Viewing System?

The system allows you to view the following areas of your medicla record:

  • A summary that gives you the most important and recent entries in your health record
  • Allergies
  • Patient Information Leaflets linked from the diagnoses in the medical record section
  • Results showing recent investigations such as blood results, blood pressures and x-rays
  • Vaccinations
  • Medications


Why have a Patient Access Medical Viewing System?

This practice believes that it is important for improved patient care and learning that you are involved in your healthcare as much as possible.

Advantages to you, the patient:

  • You can check the accuracy of your medical record.
  • It empowers you to become more involved in your medical care.

Where is my confidential medical information held whilst I am viewing my Online record and who has access to it?

  • The information you view on the online system comes from the clinical system in your GP practice.
  • Portions of this information are encrypted - this means it is very difficult for someone else to intercept and read the information.
  • Your information is securely sent from the GP system to your PC web browser.
  • None of the medical information that is shown on the online system is held permanently on any computer except the computer which holds the original data in the GP practice.
  • When you log off from the online system or if a problem occurs with your computer, for instance a power failure, all your confidential medical information is cleared from the online system.

How will other people be prohibited from seeing my record?

  • To view your online Record you have to identify yourself with passwords and PINs that only you know.
  • Unless you reveal this information to someone else you will be the only person able to access your medical record via the online system.

What if I find an error in my medical record or if I see someone else’s medical information?

  • If you find any errors or missing information in your medical record you can tell the Receptionist or discuss it with the Practice Manager or your GP.
  • If you see someone else’s medical information you should immediately exit from the system and inform the practice staff.

I would like to view my children’s records

We are currently not registering anyone under the age of 16 for this service as we are awaiting further guidance to ensure we comply with all the security issues based around access to medical records.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of medical record access?

  •        The patient has an active role in their own healthcare
  •        You may be in another country and taken ill. You can decide to allow the
  •        doctors to access your medical records
  •        If you wish and only if you wish, you can share your records with a carer or relative
  •        The information may use technical terms and abbreviations that you are unsure about
  •       Some of the information may be difficult to understand.
  •        You may read something in your records that you find upsetting.

What if I mess it up?

No matter what you click you can’t alter anything in your medical record.

Remember to log out of the system when you are finished.


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